20 Best Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watches for Men

20 Best Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watches for Men

Time travel is still the most sought after technology that we yet haven’t realized up until this time of modern science and technology. We have come far-off from traveling using carriages pulled by horses and steam trains to a variety of travel options like the use of subways, bullet trains, airplanes, and other types of automotive for a faster and a more convenient way to roam around the world. Even going to space and exploring outer space with rocket ships. We have also developed power sources from burning coal to the use of petroleum products and the recent trend of using solar energy.

Why is steampunk so popular amongst its enthusiast and what do newbies need to understand before dabbing their feet on the genre. Is wearing a Victorian styled clothing and a top hat enough? How about adding anything made of brass on you? A pocket watch, perhaps?

A time travel look will never be complete without a pocket watch. A pocket watch is the precursor of the wristwatch that is widely used today. Other than telling the time, it was famous as a token or a remembrance wherein images of loved ones are inserted on the inner part of the metal cover as they travel to a faraway place. An heirloom passed to the children as proof of their birthright.

Here are some authentic-looking timepieces that you would want to see before buying your own pocket watches.

1# Floral Steel Mechanical Pocket Watch

     Floral Steel Mechanical Pocket Watch

    Featuring a vintage designed half hunter pocket watch with a delicately engraved satin scroll and roman numerals to quickly the time even with a closed outer metal cover. A see-through clock gears that give a classic and authentic feel of the past. Buy from HERE

    2# Glow in the Dark Bronze Pocket Watch

       Glow in the Dark Bronze Pocket Watch

      Come alive with this full hunter pocket watch that glows in the dark. Showcasing a wheel-like metal cover plated with a bronze hue for a realistic atmosphere. A timepiece featuring highly detailed engravings made from a durable stainless steel material with a ribbon type chains with a fluorescent dial giving making it possible to tell the time even in the dark. Buy from HERE

      3# Gold & Red Wood Pocket Watch

        Gold & Red Wood Pocket Watch

        A classic open-faced timepiece with a redwood accent. White hands against a black and bronze dial with a piece of see-through clock machinery. Featuring intricately detailed fold plated engravings of the past at the back of the pocket watch dating back in eighteen eighty-two. It comes with a gold plated chain made from a stainless steel alloy. Buy from HERE

        4# Hollow Carved Black Gold Pocket Watch

          Hollow Carved Black Gold Pocket Watch

          Please give way to this magnificent hollow carved full hunter pocket watch in black and gold-tone. Rustic as well as stylish highlighting the elaborated Goth like carvings of a cross with a golden clock gear at the back under a half hunter outer cover. A timepiece, worth of your attention and admiration. Buy from HERE

          5# Open-Faced Pocket Mechanical Watch Skeleton Design

            Open-Faced Pocket Mechanical Watch Skeleton Design

            A delicately styled pocket watch characterized by an open-faced design wherein you can see both sides of the clock, the front face telling the time with elaborate engravings and the fascinating cogwheels at the back. Available in different colors such as silver, bronze, and gold, with a Cuban curve chain made from durable metal. Buy from HERE

            6# Bronze Open Face Pocket Watch

               Bronze Open Face Pocket Watch

              An open-faced pocket watch showcasing simplicity and sophistication. An elegant timepiece characterized by a bronze plated stainless steel frame, a bright and smooth cut glass covering, and a combination of warm brown and old gold hues. Vintage looking highlighted with a raw and threadlike metal buffed surface. Buy from HERE

              7# Steampunk Vintage Steel Pocket Watch

                Steampunk Vintage Steel Pocket Watch

                Here is an open-faced pocket watch in silver, black, bronze, and gold colors. It features an attractive design having gear like frame as if it is a part of the machinery to travel back in time. A translucent glass covering that enables you to gaze upon the precision and fundamental elements of a clock. Buy from HERE

                8# 7 Stars Baroque Style Pocket Watch

                  7 Stars Baroque Style Pocket Watch

                  An expensive-looking timepiece in celestial gold and rustic bronze color. An antique half hunter pocket watch with a baroque theme the features star shape etchings with a gold and silver clock gears. Featuring a detailed crown with a secure latch release for accessibility and a durable curb chain made from stainless alloy. Buy from HERE

                  9# Double-sided Bronze Pocket Watch with Intricate Carved Design

                    Double-sided Bronze Pocket Watch with Intricate Carved Design

                    Make way for this double full hunter timepiece exquisitely made from a bronze plated stainless steel alloy. A classic piece that with a hollow flower carving and intricate engravings at the front and a finely textures back cover for protection and style. Have a peek at the wondrous clockwork behind this fantastic timepiece. Buy from HERE

                    10# Vintage Bronze Pocket Watch with Floral Carving

                      Vintage Bronze Pocket Watch with Floral Carving

                      An exotic pocket watch featuring a highly detailed flower etching on the half hunter cover in two-tone hues of rustic and chestnut bronze, complemented by a black resin dial with white hands contrast and a mesmerizing golden inner clock mechanism. It comes with a long curb chain made from plated stainless material connected to a study bow for a secure fit. Buy from HERE

                      11# Steampunk Gear Skeleton Pocket Watch

                         Steampunk Gear Skeleton Pocket Watch

                        Make way for this outstanding timepiece that features a cog shaped frame in brilliant gold-tone. Polished to a lustrous and mirror-like surface. A delicate open-faced pocket watch designed to highlight its monotonous clockwork movement. A one of a kind timepiece designed to last for generations. Buy from HERE

                        12# Silver Pocket Watch with Carved Back Case

                          Silver Pocket Watch with Carved Back Case

                          A timeless pocket watch designed to travel through time. Featuring magnificently etched corals and wave patterns on the half hunter outer cover designed to safeguard as well as heighten the magnificence of the classic black dial and the see-through clock mechanism for a time traveler feel. It comes with a long chain with a key-shaped dangle. Buy from HERE

                          13# Pocket Watch with Hollow Brass Carving

                             Pocket Watch with Hollow Brass Carving

                            A token from the past to the present, this vintage pocket watch with a full hunter front cover, with complexly carved patterns and engravings on both front and back metal cover. Handcrafted from brass plated silver alloy for aesthetics. It comes with a plated stainless steel alloy with a clip-on clasp. Buy from HERE

                            14# Roman Numeral Black Metal Pocket Watch

                              Roman Numeral Black Metal Pocket Watch

                              Have a look at this authentic-looking pocket watch with an old-fashioned feel. Impressively made from black coated metal alloy material with a definite wave pattern and roman numeral etchings for a classic look. Featuring a half hunter metal cover designed to enable you to tell time without opening its trusty latch release for protection and style. Buy from HERE

                              15# Hexagonal Brass Pocket Watch

                                Hexagonal Brass Pocket Watch

                                Here comes an Asian designed open-faced pocket watch with a hexagonal shape with a glossy and matte brass metal coating. Highlighted with a full dial having a red and brown geometric shape emphasizing the golden fundamental framework of a watch as the centerpiece. Little flower accents that alternately with the roman numerals for additional design. Buy from HERE

                                16# Classic Silver Pocket Watch

                                  Classic Silver Pocket Watch

                                  Featuring a classic full hunter front metal cover pocket watch designed for complete protection against sudden impact. Beautifully crafted from silver metal alloy polished to a shiny and silky surface. A clean and elegant white and gold dial for aristocrats of the past and of the present. Buy from HERE

                                  17# Mechanical Pocket Watch in Black, Gold, and Silver

                                    Mechanical Pocket Watch in Black, Gold, and Silver

                                    A modest and straightforward timepiece that features a three-dimensional dial illusion of a frosted silver design and a golden internal clock mechanism. Available in three vintage hues of gold, silver, and black. A full hunter metal front metal cover made from premium grade durable metal alloy for ultimate protection and style. Accompanied by a secure release latch. Buy from HERE

                                    18# Classic Pocket Watch with Arabic Numerals

                                      Classic Pocket Watch with Arabic Numerals

                                      Simplicity, at its finest, is the only way to describe this luxurious timepiece. Featuring a smooth and mirror-like full hunter metal front cover with a shell-like inner surface, a total contrast of the silky texture of the outer cover. An elegant and fresh white dial emphasized by unique shaped hands. It comes with a key-shape dangle and a highly durable stainless steel chain. Buy from HERE

                                      Cosplays are a “thing” nowadays. These cover from anime characters to movies. I can say I am a fan of reading and watching science fiction since I was a child, but please pardon my ignorance about steampunk.


                                      Due to the advancement that was happening during the Victorian era, steampunk was born. Steampunk started in the nineteen-thirties when locomotives were run using coal and steam. There was a fixation with the use of types of machinery and clockworks. Coming from an era where huge advancements were accomplished, such as the telegraph and the modernization of the railroad, human minds frolicked with what technology can become, and the imagination was limitless. The love of adventurous travels with the use of technology created excitement and joy. There was no boundary with what machines can do. From flying to the use of time machine. These futuristic inventions were the catalyst to some of the things that are available at present. Blimps of the past versus the jets and the rocket ships of today. Steam-powered trains set against the electric bullet trains and subways we are currently using.

                                      Steampunk cover different subgenre depending on the element being highlighted, such as the following:


                                      Diesel punk is the era that came after the Victorian regime, where automotive is driven by diesel and gasoline. The early age of cars and motorcycles where leather and guns are everywhere.

                                      Valve punk

                                      Everything was about the valve from the creation of radio to television. If you have watched Frankenstein, you would see these large valves used to bring him to life.

                                      Cog punk

                                      Like the word implies, cogs or gears are highlighted within this genre. The utilization of the mechanical parts of a variety of machines. It is mesmerizing to see the complexity and precision of a device for it to function. It highlights the importance of the smallest part, for, without it, vast types of machinery would not work. It could represent an armor made from spring and gears with a detailed mechanism designed for a specific use, not just for aesthetics.

                                      Gaslamp fiction

                                      The genre where technology meets fiction. The outcomes were not limited to what reality can concoct but by how far the imagination can go. From traveling through time to how fast and how far humans can travel, with the use of technology and futuristic inventions. I would say the most popular of all the genres at the present wherein it is incorporated within the games and animations. From a sailboat that journeys from one planet to another to find lost treasures or an expedition to the core of the earth to save the world. Simple and fun adventures that even children can understand.


                                      Steampunk, as a fashion, is a combination of retro and science. A Victorian-style featuring the different elements of the genre, whether you are into gears, guns or other futuristic objects. One other thing that is common in this fashion is copper and brass. Why these two? Because most machinery uses these metals to conduct electricity. But, again it is not a must.

                                      According to folks who are a part of the community, it is more than just the brass material. It has to be of use. For example, elements of a clock which would be the most common rather than let’s say actual gears of a train. You don’t just stick some parts, and that’s it. It has to have a purpose on why those gears are there? Keep in mind that this is the time where inventions and advancement in science and technology were explored. The highlight where innovations stemmed from. Some would say after this era, humans stopped exploring other possibilities and are currently stuck with innovations rather than new inventions.

                                      Pocket watch

                                      A pocket watch meant to be carried as opposed to being worn. It is a device that tells the time prevalent during the time of world war one. A watch characterized by a chain to be clasp to the belt loop to protect it from reaching the ground in the event of slipping or sudden jolts.


                                      Pocket watches dates back from the fifteenth century. It originated from Germany though it only became popular from mid sixteen hundred to eighteen hundred. Like any other form of jewelry, a pocket watch signifies the status of the owner. A person belonging to a lower class community would not be able to purchase one. Only the upper-classmen were capable of acquiring such expensive timepiece, therefore.



                                      This is when the pocket watch lacks an outer metal cover. It still has the same style and mechanism, but as you can imagine, due to the absence of a metal cover to protect the face, the glass covering can only do so much to protect the sides, and the material would be damaged or scratched with any minor impact.

                                      Half hunter

                                      Featuring a concave metal cover with an open middle hole. A type of pocket watch meant to have some protection at the same time conveniently having access to time without opening the metal cover. It’s like having a peek of what is inside. The half hunter usually has simple to elaborate etchings of different patterns for style and personalization.

                                      Full hunter

                                      A full front metal cover designed for complete protection against scratches and damaging the delicate glass cover. A type of pocket watches frequently seen in movies wherein you can see a picture of a wife of a family inside the metal cover facing the dial of the timepiece. The outer metal cover may have engravings of some sort of a simple smooth surface.

                                      Double hunter

                                      A type where both the front and the back of the pocket watch are protected by a curved metal frame. An example of this is the kind of watch used in hypnosis. The covers offer complete protection on both sides can be opened by the same latch release.

                                      Half double hunter

                                      A half hunter at the front with a full metal cover at the back. A combination that offers practicality and security.


                                      Aside from telling the time which has not as accurate during those times for it is common for mechanical watches of the past to suddenly stop. A pocket watch was also used as an heirloom. Due to the high price. It was used as a symbol of a birthright for upper-classmen. This is the reason why there were pictures of one's spouse or family on the inside cheek of the metal cover for identification and proof of one's family.


                                      A pocket watch consists of different parts starting firm the upper top part which is the bow. The bow is where the chain clasp on to be chained around the belt loop or the lapel. The latch release is the part where you push in order to open the metal cartouche. Just below the latch is the crown, which looks like a real crown holds the latch in place. The case body or the frame that protects the internal parts of the watch. Next up is the dial, which is the face of the timepiece where the hands are placed. The last but the most essential part would be the time mechanism for the watch to be able to tell the time.

                                      Things to consider in buying a pocket watch:


                                      Choose a material that would last you a long time. At present, not everyone owns a pocket watch of their own it is a symbol of the past. Choose a pocket watch that you can use not just for a one-day event but a token that can be passed to your future generation. Consider the quality of metals used and how to properly take care of them to last a lifetime.


                                      Style differs from one person to another. One woman would want an extravagant piece made from gold and all the intricate carving to show off with their friends and family, while another would choose a classic and straightforward design to have their initials etched in the innermost part where only they can find to be passed on their children and so on. Whatever it may be, feel free to choose a style you would be comfortable with and would achieve its purpose.


                                      Having tackled the different kinds of pocket watches earlier. Choose your lifestyle. An active lifestyle would need a double hunter metal cover as a shield, while a delicate woman can handle an open-faced type without any problem.

                                      Frequently Asked Questions

                                      1. Are Gothic style and Steampunk fashion the same?

                                      It would give the impression that they have a shared theme, which is the Victorian period. Gothic style covers more about the dark side of love and religion, while Steampunk is all about science fiction and adventure. Steampunk enthusiast has a playful and more on mechanical innovation themed gatherings that usually happens around daytime or early evenings compared to the midnight events for the Gothic community.

                                      1. Does a vintage pocket watch need extra care?

                                      Yes, since it is vintage, it needs to be oiled to maintain its normal function. Keep in mind that old pocket watches are made of metals alone, and minerals are prone to rust. Proper lubrication would protect the metal parts from that and also keep a smooth and balanced motion.


                                      Steampunk is engraved in human history, it is just a fashion or a style used in gatherings of enthusiasts or a themed party. While digging deeper, it teaches us how humans survive as a race. Coming from time of war-stricken era. People found ways to improve one’s life. They say that when you are down in the deepest possible way, the only way you can travel is up. That is what humans do, we found ways to go up through inventions and great use of imagination and perseverance. A simple watch was not made overnight, it was created through countless diagrams until it reaches perfection, and a pocket watch is a symbol of that era. Be reminded of this train by having one of your own to be passed on to the future generation to teach them about the period that acts as a catalyst to all the technology that they have today.
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