14 Cherry Earrings - Drop, Stud and Korean Designs for You to Buy Today

14 Cherry Earrings - Drop, Stud and Korean Designs for You to Buy Today

Stud earrings are the most understated type of all ornaments. It’s comfortable to wear and simple to pair with any outfits. At present, adorable designs have been on-trend; this is due to the cute fashion of the Koreans. Attractive designs with vibrant and colorful colors like the trending cherry fruit-inspired earnings. There has been popular among the teens and young ladies for its refreshing and playful vibe.

Hop on the playful trend of this cherry inspired earrings and see our exclusive list of chic and sexy cherry earrings for women.

1# Sterling Silver White CZ Red Cherry Stud Earrings

    Sterling Silver White CZ Red Cherry Stud Earrings

    Cute and modest, a design perfect for your delicate ears. The red hue of enamel decorated metal base creates a sexy and tantalizing vibe that would surely attract the gaze of the opposite gender. Crafted from premium grade sterling silver paved with clear microcrystalline round cubic zirconia crystals. Secured by a strong push back for a comfortable fit. Buy from HERE

    2# Gold Plated Sterling Silver Red and Green Cherry Stud Earrings

       Gold Plated Sterling Silver Red and Green Cherry Stud Earrings

      Don’t let this adoring pair of cherry stud earrings pass you. A fresh and cute design for ladies. A pair of studs that showcase two cherry fruits made from jewelry grade silver metal. Gold plated to a glossy and even surface enhanced with an oval emerald green CZ and two round red CZ crystals for the cherries. Made from a durable and lustrous sterling silver base. Buy from HERE

      3# Korean Ribbon Red/White Cubic Zirconia Cherry

        Korean Ribbon Red/White Cubic Zirconia Cherry

        Shine bright with these sparkling cherry earrings as they showcase your delicate features. Featuring a pair of cherry inspired earrings from Korea characterized by clear cubic zirconia crystals with round scarlet red zircon stones for the cherries. Hip and trendy, perfect for any occasion. Buy from HERE

        4# Sterling Silver Korean Cherry Stud Earrings

          Sterling Silver Korean Cherry Stud Earrings

          From young girls to adults, this pair of cherry inspired earrings can appeal to women of any age. Exquisitely crafted from the highest quality of sterling silver polished to a gleaming surface. Accents of crimson round cubic zirconia crystals emphasizes by the smooth base. A delightful pair of jewelry that a mom and daughter can share. Buy from HERE

          5# Red, Silver and Green Cherry Stud Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

            Red, Silver and Green Cherry Stud Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

            Love this twin cherries replica of cherry fruits with its cute tiny leaves. Skillfully made from premium grade sterling silver base that is guaranteed durable and scratch-resistant. Focus your eyes on the intricately paved micro zirconia crystals in ruby red hues that temptingly twinkles as it’ kissed by light. Buy from HERE

            6# Trendy Red Cherry Drop Earrings

              Trendy Red Cherry Drop Earrings

              Here is a life-like replica of cherry fruit, completely identical that you would forget that it’s an earring. A drop cherry fruit-inspired earrings that elegant and straightforward, especially when worn with white colored outfits. As a drop type earring, it emphasizes the length of your delicate neck. Metal base made from a silver-plated metal alloy that is lightweight and easy to wear. Buy from HERE

              7# Gold Red Drop Stud Cherry Earrings

                Gold Red Drop Stud Cherry Earrings

                Make way for this remarkable pair of cherry inspired earrings for women. Undoubtedly a stylish pair of ear décor with gold plated zinc alloy that is smooth and classy to look at. The golden hue of the base highlights the glittery design of the enamel cherry fruit. What’s unique about this drop earring is the illusion of a hook dangle rather than a stud earring design. Buy from HERE

                8# Sterling Silver Crimson Cherry Micro CZ Stud Earrings

                  Sterling Silver Crimson Cherry Micro CZ Stud Earrings

                  Muy Magnifico! This grand and gorgeous pair of cherry stud earrings would surely amaze your eyes. Featuring a gold plated sterling silver base that’s highly lustrous and smooth. A couple of perfectly cut round crimson red CZ crystal that represents the cherry fruit further enhanced by the round clear micro zircon crystals on the leaves. There’s no way you would let this gorgeous pair pass. Buy from HERE

                  9# Chic Silver Red Cherry Stud Earrings

                    Chic Silver Red Cherry Stud Earrings

                    Showcasing a cute and trendy pair of earrings made for your everyday look. It features a cherry fruit made from a skin-friendly acrylic material that is lightweight comfortable to wear. Coated with silver metal hue for added appeal, and a sparkling round micro cubic zirconia stone placed in the middle of the cherries sharing them its shine. Buy from HERE

                    10# White CZ Crystal Red Cherry Silver Hook Earrings

                       White CZ Crystal Red Cherry Silver Hook Earrings

                      Get hooked with this classy and fashionable hook cherry earrings. Made from a silver-coated alloy base material polished to a smooth and even surface. The cherry design emphasized by pieces of twinkling clear round micro cubic zirconia stones delicately paved on the leaves of the cherry fruit. A long back hook to securely fit on your ears. Buy from HERE

                      11# Gold Pink Red Cherry Earrings Chain Necklace Set

                        Gold Pink Red Cherry Earrings Chain Necklace Set

                        A set of cute and adorable cherry inspired earrings and a chain necklace for the lovable young ladies. A sweet gift that features young and fresh colors of soft yellow gold, pastel pink and ruby red. That expresses a youthful and playful vie perfect for little girls. The materials used are lightweight and skin-friendly for comfy daily wear.

                        12# Gold Red Green Enamel Hook Cherry Earrings for Ladies

                          Gold Red Green Enamel Hook Cherry Earrings for Ladies

                          This gorgeous and classically designed hook earring built with durable lever back closure would surely enhance your trendy outfit. Featuring a replica of two dangling cherry fruit with a leaf coated with vibrantly colored enamel coating. Round, smooth white pearls over a beautiful gold plated hook that gives off a soft and delicate vibe.

                          13# Adorable Gold-Tone Pink Red Enamel Cherry Stud Earrings

                            Adorable Gold-Tone Pink Red Enamel Cherry Stud Earrings

                            You’ll never feel old with this youthful and fresh looking cherry earring explicitly designed for young ladies. Cute and simple with pastel-colored pink and red enamel cherry coatings over an evenly plated gold alloy base material. Built with a strong push back closure for a secured fit.

                            14# Gold-tone one Red Green Cherry Fruit Stud Earring

                              Gold-tone one Red Green Cherry Fruit Stud Earring

                              A Delightful and lovable set of cherry stud earrings with a flat push back closure. Lightweight and comfortably hug your ears as it charms its way to people's hearts. Enchantingly designed with vibrant hues of red and green with gold accents. Grab a pair for yourself or as a sweet gift to your loved ones.

                              Sweet, sour, preserved, pies! Cherries! We love them, right? As fruits, it’s healthy and low in calories. Some variety is sweeter or sour depending on the type of cherry tree species. Presently considered as one of the superfruits for its antioxidant quality that counters or prevents diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Some varieties are also high in Vitamin C that is proven to increase the immune system of the body as well as slow down the process of aging. Yay for young and fresh-looking skin!

                              When we hear cherry, we automatically relate it with cherry blossoms. Now when we hear cherry blossoms, we think of Japan. Japan is an Asian country renowned for its respectful and highly disciplined lifestyle. They eat healthy and nutritious meals making them live longer than other nationalities. They have a deeply set culture and beliefs that are said to be strict and patriarchal.

                              Cherry Tree Symbolism

                              For the Japanese, Cherry tree is symbolic of a beautiful life. Cherry flowers only bloom for a short period of two weeks, then it starts to wilt and fall. It denotes the cycle of human life. Life itself should be appreciated and celebrated for it is beautiful, you bloom at the most appropriate time and you should embrace and rejoice in each stage of life for it is precious and short.

                              It also denotes to encourage the so-called Japanese spirit during the Second World War.

                              During the festival, people would usually go on a picnic with their families and settle under a cherry tree. Rice balls, grilled meat, bento boxes are the typical packed food that they prepare for these activities. Just imagine a picnic with a naturally sweet and floral smell that floats around the air. You would definitely go on a picnic with that beautiful atmosphere.

                              Cherry Blossom Festival

                              Traditionally celebrated as Hanami where people view and appreciate the cherry blossoms as they gather to have picnics and spend quality time with their families. It is also a celebration of the friendship between the United States of America and Japan. According to its history, numerous sakura plants were gifted to the USA as a sign of peace and harmony.

                              The cherry tree is symbolic of a life cycle. Birth and death. A reminder of how great life can be even after enduring different seasons in life and how short and how unpredictable it can be. The word written in Japanese character has a combination of meaning behind it. A blooming tree or a smiling tree.

                              Cherry blossoms are also edible. They are collected and preserved to be used in some Japanese recipes. The flowers are soaked in salted water for w few days followed by changing the base with Ume to soak the blossoms for another three days. It is then oven dried and used in different food and drinks like the unique taste of the Sakura tea, adorable colored Sakura rice, Sakura jelly among other Japanese delicacies that tourists would surely want to try.

                              Cherry Fruits Symbolism

                              Fresh, red, sweet, and juicy cherry fruits signify passion, good fortune, and happiness. If you are familiar with some Asian beliefs about the twelve fruits that have to be on the dining table during the new year’s eve for a bountiful and prosperous new year. Cherry fruits are one of the best types to serve for its round shape for good health and prosperity, sweet taste that denotes harmonious relationships within the family. Red color indicates luck and passion-filled year. White seeds play an essential role in this belief for fruits containing black seeds denoted a bad omen.

                              They say that dreams are a way of the universe to advise you of your near future. When dreaming of fresh, sweet, and juicy cherries, this denotes receiving wealth or good fortune. On the other hand, sour or overripe to the point of rotten cherries are considered a bad omen for this indicates the opposite of the sweet cherries wherein you may experience an upcoming turmoil or chaos within the family whether it be in a relationship or financial welfare.

                              Do Cherry blossom trees bear cherry fruits?

                              It depends on the species of the cherry tree. Some ornamental cherry blossoms produce fruits but when eaten would taste bland or unpalatable. Certain types of cherry trees are grown for their fruit like the Morello cherries that are considered to be the healthiest type of cherry fruit. It is in the sour cherry family while the sweet heart cherry, as the name implies, belongs to the deliciously sweet variety of the cherry family. There are cherry trees for its flowers used as a natural décor like the Kwasan variety of Japan.


                              These are pieces of jewelry to decorate the outer part of the ear. From the upper to the lower parts of the ears. Lower earlobe piercing is the most common type of ear piercing. There are now about fourteen to fifteen types of ear piercing that are on-trend. Although the process is easy and fast, you must take care of the wound to prevent infection especially on parts that have cartilages, which take longer to heal. You must make sure that materials used on your earrings are sterile, hypoallergenic, and non-reactive for a poor quality earring can be a cause of infection.

                              Here are some base materials for earrings that are safe and skin-friendly especially for newly pierced ears.


                              I know, it sounds expensive just by hearing the word gold. Rest assured that it is not that expensive, especially if you choose a simple design, especially since your wound is still healing. Choose a light and simple design so the wound can be easily cleaned and well ventilated to prevent the accumulation of water and bacteria. Again choose a good quality gold earring more than the cheap and low-quality ones, keep in mind the positive and adverse reactions before you decide on which earring to choose.

                              Stainless Steel

                              One of the known non-reactive to sweat and other natural elements, even blood. It is recognized to be one of the safest and hypoallergenic materials used in jewelry. Premium grade is the key. As with any other material, there are low-quality version and those do not have the same characteristics as those of high quality. In choosing high-quality stainless, it must have low to no reaction when exposed to magnets. The lower the response, the higher the resistance to oxidation and rusting.


                              Solid and robust material and considered hypoallergenic on the skin. It also has a smooth texture making it easy to wear and clean. It is also resistant to rusting, scratching, and non-reactive to water and other natural elements. Be sure to move or rotate your earrings to prevent sticking and accumulation of dirt as well as aerate the inner part of the wound.


                              The most non-reactive of all metals. These can be seen in titanium implants that is not just durables, light, totally non-reactive even when placed inside the human body. Although more pricey than other metal and alloy materials. You are guaranteed that it will not cause skin itching, does not react to blood, and will not be the source of any infection.

                              When your ear piercing heals, you can now choose any style and type of earring that you prefer. These can be from all sorts of base materials. Metals, alloys, coated or plated metals, enamel-coated, or the most affordable acrylic-based earrings.

                              There are also different types of earrings. Stud, the simplest among the models which resemble a pin with a push back closure. Dangle, as the word implies, the main design dangles below the ears, usually made of chain for a smooth and gentle dangling movement. Drop, this type can have a hook or stud base but unlike the dangle, this has a sturdy ling piece that holds the main design in place. It does not move although it sits under the earlobes. Lastly, the hoop earrings, straightforward and made in different sizes to enhance the facial features of the wearer. The plain round circle usually lightweight for daily wear.

                              Metal Plating

                              Plating is the process of coating the metal for protection, aesthetics durability or to support the adhesion of coat. Here are some metal plating processes that are commonly seen on pieces of jewelry:


                              Electroplating is a coating process that uses electrical current usually used on silver metals to have a smooth and consistent protective coat. A thin transparent layer enabling the organic and striking beauty of the metal to shine with the additional protection that guarantees a long-lasting gloss and durability against scratches.

                              Ion plating (IP plating)

                              A coating commonly used in stainless material. It is highly south after for it creates a more durable and long-lasting shine than its predecessor, electroplating. It can plate the stainless steel alloy base with different hues like gold, silver, brown, and others.

                              Oxidation Process

                              A process used in metal to achieve a vintage or ancient vibe. This process is commonly seen on etched or hollowed parts of the metal that has a black silhouette or shadow. It creates a contrast of color that accentuates the design.

                              Rhodium plating

                              Metals that have undergone this type of coating would have a dark grey hue. Rhodium coated metals are durable and glossy for these are the main characteristics of the alloy. Due to its characteristic tone, it significantly highlights the colored stones and crystal settings.

                              Black ruthenium plating

                              Jet black metal can be created with this type of metal plating. It shares the same characteristics as that of Rhodium plating except for a darker color making it a preferred type of plating for statement type of jewelry.

                              Rose gold plating

                              Rode gold hue is achieved by combining copper with gold. Usually containing one-fourth of copper alloy and three-fourths gold metal. This creates a distinct pinking shade that is highly feminine and striking to look at.

                              Gold Plating

                              A thin coat of gold metal over a base metal. This is usually done to over a durable metal for aesthetic purposes. There are different thickness done depending on the jewelry, like with rings that are typically exposed to friction, therefore, need a thicker coat.

                              Silver Plating

                              A process that covers the metal base with a pure silver layer. It can be over another silver metal to enhance and protect its durability and shine. This process is commonly followed by another plating called E-plating that coats a clear coating to make it more resistant to scratching and maintain its long-lasting shine.

                              Enamel Plating

                              A traditional type of metal plating that has been around since the seventeenth century. Enamels are composed of soft glass that produces a transparent coating with a hint of blue or green shade. The process involves heating the enamel material, cooling, and pulverization. It is then applied to the metal and slowly heated until it bonds to its base. This creates a glass-like coating that has the characteristic of glass material that is shiny and water repellant.

                              Our take away for today is that we can choose how to express our personality through fashion. Material is a primary consideration but so does the budget and use. Designs are also crucial for like the trendy and adorable list of cherry earring above, these are specially designed for young women and children. But if you love it and you know that you can rock it! Please feel free and grab one for yourself!

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