5 Inch Peacock Pin Brooch Pendant Austrian Crystal

5 Inch Peacock Pin Brooch Pendant Austrian Crystal

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So sparkling and gorgeous that will get you all kinds of admirations from your friends and colleagues.

Ever Faith

As a company that concentrates on fashion jewelry, we already have about 10 years experience on fashion jewelry trend. We work magic on jewelry, keep on new designs and to a leader of beauty and style is our goal. We have over 5000 products and are good at sustaining innovations. Ever Faith's pieces are those that are bought, worn, collected, cherished and treasured. You will never be regret if you take some times to look at our store and be surprised to find so many unique design.

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  • Stone Color:green, clear, rainbown color
  • Size:5.20" long by 2.2" wide
  • Wrapping: Come with some spare crystals, and a gift box or favor bag (depend on product size)