Unisex Smart Magnetic Bracelet

Unisex Smart Magnetic Bracelet


Innovato Design brings you the ultimate symbol of unique style with this arresting smart bracelet and bangle design that is destined to draw attention. Made with premium 316L Stainless steel, the bracelet is meant to be on your wrist for a lifetime. It won't fade, it won't rust - buy Innovato Design's smart bracelet and let it be the exhibition of freedom.

This smart bracelet comes in all the traditional shades you are looking for. An accessory you want and deserve.

Product Highlights

  • Economical pricing for a premium accessory
  • Made of high quality 316L stainless steel
  • Available in gold, silver, and gray colors
  • Can be bought with a bracelet set
  • Unisex fashion statement
  • Debonair accessory goes with all types of dressing

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