Titanium Blue Sport Bracelet

Titanium Blue Sport Bracelet

$49.99 $54.99 Save $5.00

Style matters. When you're accessorized in fantastic style of Innovato Design's exquisite titanium sport bracelet, every head turns your way. Let the glistening blue of our premium bracelet excite your peers with wonder and awe. Wear it to a casual night party, a formal corporate dinner or an upscale beach wedding, the bracelet will never look out of place.

Personalize your attire at a wedding or gift it to your friend, it doesn't matter if you're choosing the sport bracelet to express your personal style or to bring a smile on someone's face, the ultimate luxury of Innovato Design remains inspiring.

Product Highlights

  • Blue plated titanium evokes elegant style
  • Amazingly low price for a premium accessory
  • Made of highest quality titanium metal
  • Adjustable bracelet size
  • Unisex style means anyone can accessorize
  • Bold look fantastic for formal and informal events

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